Icynote Paper Cold Wallet Review 2022

ICYNOTE Paper Cold Wallet Review 2022

Table of Contents Introduction Today we will be reviewing the Icynote Paper Cold wallet for secure storage of your crypto. To get up to speed on Crypto wallets you can check out our previous Crypto Wallet Guide Article or check out our 2021 Review of the best choices available on the market. When we wrote […]

What is the Metaverse?

What is Metaverse?

Table of Contents Introduction Metaverse has become a hot topic recently with a lot of new projects launching and some large companies making metaverse plays. Facebook has even rebranded to “Meta” and is pivoting towards the new technology. Many investors are also jumping on the bandwagon and trying to capitalise on emerging technology. It’s still […]

New Bitcoin ATM in Wilton Shopping Centre

Check out our latest Bitcoin ATM in Cork  city in the Pair Mobile conveniently located in the Wilton Shopping Centre. You can buy your Bitcoin while waiting to get your phone repaired.  Pair Mobile is Irelands premier phone sales and repair centre, offering a quick and reliable service with a free warranty on screen and […]

New Bitcoin ATM in Athlone

Get your Bitcoin in the Midlands Check out our newest Bitcoin ATM located in Agape Electronics Athlone, conveniently located just across from Athlone IT where you can buy Bitcoin while getting your phone or laptop repaired. The friendly and knowledgeable staff have years of experience and can help you with all your technology needs. Don’t […]

Bitcoin as Legal Tender in El Salvador, what does it mean?

Bitcoin as Legal Tender in El Salvador, what does it mean?

Table of Contents Introduction Recently at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami there was possibly one of the biggest announcements in the cryptocurrency space this year. The president of El Salvador in central America Nayib Bukele announced that his small Central American country of 6.5 Million people was going to make Bitcoin legal tender. This […]

Bitcoin ATM Beggars Bush Dublin

Bitcoin ATM Dublin

Check out the latest Boinnex Bitcoin ATM in EUROSPAR, Bath Ave, Dublin 4! It’s only a short walk from the Grand Canal in the Beggers Bush area of Dublin.  This next gen model is the first of it’s kind to be installed in Ireland. The ATM can convert cash to cryptocurrency, as well as convert […]

Common scams and how to spot them

Common scams and how to spot them

Table of Contents Introduction A couple of years ago we published an article outlining and explaining many of the online scams and how they were applied in relation to cryptocurrency. Until recently, due to measures and controls Boinnex put in place, we have thankfully encountered very few scams being attempted through our network of Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin ATM Dún Laoghaire Dublin

bitcoin atm Dún Laoghaire

Another new Boinnex Bitcoin ATM in Dublin! Visit XL O’Brien’s  in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin. XL O’Brien’s Dun Laoghaire is a mini super market with a range of hot and cold food, confectionery and more. Now you can buy Bitcoin too! Remember to subscribe to the Boinnex newsletter for the best discounts on Bitcoin (BTC). The […]

Revolut Cryptocurrency Review 2021

Revolut Cryptocurrency Review 2021

Table of Contents Introduction We are moving inevitably towards a more cashless society with more online and card payments taking place every year. This trend has been accelerated by the Covid pandemic where cash was seen as a potential virus transmission vector and studies have shown a 30% decrease in its use in the first […]

Bitcoin Mining Energy Consumption – A Feature Not A Bug?

Bitcoin Mining Energy Consumption - A Feature Not A Bug?

Table of Contents Introduction Tesla recently revealed that they had bought $1.5 billion of Bitcoin and plan on accepting it as a form of payment to purchase their electric cars. This was big news in the crypto world, but not surprising given Elon Musk’s long history of endorsing Bitcoin. In response, the mainstream media focused […]