Coldcard Hardware Wallet Review

Coldcard Hardware Wallet Review

Table of Contents Introduction Understanding the concept of owning Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies can be a challenge for beginners. They are purely digital assets and the ownership is defined by holding the private key. The private keys are also used to spend your coins and sign transactions. Storing the private key, while still having access […]

Demystifying Stablecoins

Demystifying Stablecoins

Table of Contents Introduction When talking about cryptocurrency, the first association is usually crazy volatility, mad bull runs and devastating price drops. But there is a whole class of crypto coins that don’t follow this trend. Moreover, this coin class is designed to be as stable as possible. We are talking about stablecoins. A stablecoin […]

The Cardano Wallet Backend – Connecting to Bitcoin ATMs

The Cardano Wallet Backend - Connecting to Bitcoin ATMs

Table of Contents Introduction You can use the Cardano-wallet to send and receive payments on the Cardano blockchain via HTTP REST or a command-line interface. The wallet was developed by IOHK, the research and development company behind the Cardano project. Most users who would like to use Cardano should probably start with a wallet like […]

Cryptocurrency Wallet Guide 2021

Crypto wallet guide

Table of Contents Introduction When starting your crypto journey one of the first and most important decisions you need to make is which wallet you should use. But what is a cryptocurrency wallet? How does it work and why are there so many of them? If you ever wondered about this or were confused about […]

What is a Blockchain Oracle?

Blockchain Oracle

Table of Contents Introduction The concept of blockchain Oracles is as old as Bitcoin itself, but only in recent years did it resurface in the minds of the general Crypto public following the rise of the Chainlink project and their associated token (LINK).   Blockchain technology is defined by all the information that is publically available on the decentralised ledger. […]

What Is Tokenomics and why is it important?

Table of Contents What is tokenomics? Tokenomics is an abbreviation of “Token Economics” and it refers to a whole series of metrics relating to cryptocurrency coins or tokens such as supply, allocation, distribution and utility. It is also important to note that although they are often used interchangeably, cryptocurrency coins and tokens are actually two […]

Satoshi’s Wishing Well

Bitcoin coins buried under some dirt

Table of Contents Introduction On the 3rd of January 2009 anonymous cryptographer under the alias Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first Bitcoin block and started the revolution. From the early days of cryptocurrency movement there were myths and legends surrounding the movement.  Starting with the identity of the mysterious founder, and the cryptic message embedded in […]