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Bitcoin ATM Bachelor Walk Dublin

Last Updated in January 2021

Another new Boinnex Bitcoin ATM in the heart of Dublin! Visit Day-Today on Bachelors Walk, right next to the Ha’penny Bridge. The Bitcoin ATM can be found right next to the Euronet ATM on the left of the shop as you enter. 

Day-Today is a convenience store with a range of everyday items such as coffee, groceries, snack foods, confectionery and soft drinks. Now you can conveniently buy Bitcoin too! 



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Boinnex Bitcoin ATM

The Bitcoin ATM can be found inside the Day Today store near the bus stop just a short walk from Temple Bar.

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Based in Ireland, Bryan is the founder and CEO of Boinnex. He has worked for almost a decade as an IT Project Manager contracting across finance, banking, insurance, tech, and healthcare industries. He found his way into the crypto space in 2017 when he started a contract role with IOHK — the dev company behind the Cardano blockchain. Since then, he has continued to be actively involved in different projects in the crypto and blockchain space. He enjoys learning, writing, and sharing knowledge about all things crypto.

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