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Bitcoin ATMs

We own and operate a growing Bitcoin ATM network in Ireland. Find out more about our locations around Ireland here.

What is a Bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin ATMs are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to buy crytocurrency. The kiosk sells crypto for cash. Easy!


How does it work?

Buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency from our Kiosks is simple!

First ensure you have a wallet installed on your mobile device. There’s many different mobile wallet options to choose from such as Greenwallet, Copay, Jaxx and Coinbase.

The steps vary slightly depending on transaction size, but the basic process is as follows.

Bitcoin ATM screen panel photo

1. Select “Buy Bitcoins” or “Buy Altcoins” at the kiosk

Bitcoin ATM Cash Amount Option

2. Choose cash amount

Bitcoin ATM scan QR code to deposit cryptocurrency

3. Scan the QR code of your wallet address

Bitcoin ATM convert cash to cryptocurrency

4. Put the cash into the kiosk bill acceptor

To get Cryptocurrency, Put the cash into the kiosk bill acceptor

5. Press buy, and you’re done!

Email and SMS

6. Optionally, you can then receive your receipt via e-mail or SMS

See the short video below detailing the process