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Who we are

Boinnex is an Irish company committed to promoting the use of cryptocurrency, blockchain and other decentralised technologies.

We believe that the technologies underpinning cryptocurrency will fundamentally change the way people interact in many different industries. Our mission is to make this technology more accessible and accelerate adoption.


The team

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Bryan Tierney

Founder and CEO

Based in Ireland, Bryan is the founder and CEO of Boinnex.

He has worked for almost a decade as an IT Project Manager contracting across finance, banking, insurance, tech, and healthcare industries. He found his way into the crypto space in 2017 when he started a contract role with IOHK — the dev company behind the Cardano blockchain.

Since then, he has continued to be actively involved in different projects in the crypto and blockchain space. He enjoys learning, writing and sharing knowledge about all things crypto.

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Vanessa Pereira

Compliance Officer / MLRO

Vanessa has been a director of Boinnex since April 2018.

She is a qualified professional with over ten years of management experience in several fast-paced environments such as IT, services and civil construction. She is an organizational psychologist with Management and HR master level degrees.

She has worked for a decade in administration, audits, HR and certifications such as NBR ISO 9001:2008 and PBQP-H. Vanessa has also completed training in the latest AML/CTF regulations, internal auditor course and is a member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS).




We offer flexible consulting services on a wide variety of blockchain and cryptocurrency topics.

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Boinnex are working with business, academics and technical experts to design and develop blockchain solutions that address real world challenges.