Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Provider


At Boinnex we’re passionate about blockchain and the potential to transform the way people and organizations interact

Blockchain technology offers real potential to transform the way we interact across many different domains.

A blockchain is a growing list of digital records, called blocks, which are linked together using cryptography. It is often referred to as a shared or distributed ledger because the database is spread across several nodes on a peer-to-peer network with each node looking at the same information. The real innovation behind blockchain technology is the combination of different concepts that have existed for some time: peer-to-peer networks, cryptography and a game theoretical model of incentives.

Blockchain is the underlying technology of Bitcoin and the first and most popular use case is cryptocurrencies. Outside of cryptocurrencies there is now an explosion of potential use cases for the technology.

We see great opportunities to apply the technology to challenges across a wide range of fields. For example, digital currency, supply chain management, identity management, distributed computing platforms, digital asset management, commodity and security tokenisation to name a few.

Our first blockchain research paper, published in May 2019, proposes a blockchain based project management system built on a smart-contract enabled distributed application platform.