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Changelly Review 2021

Last Updated in January 2021
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What is Changelly?

Changelly is an instant cryptocurrency exchange where you can exchange crypto fast, and buy it with a bank card. It supports over 140 cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged. It works fast, in a matter of seconds; Changelly asks and makes bids on different platforms. Then, it selects and suggests the best rate for you. One reason to trust Changelly in exchanging your cryptocurrencies is that it has over 2 million people users. The service is fast, and there is no deposit storage. You also have two options before exchanging. You can choose between the floating exchange rate and the fixed exchange rate.


  • History
  • Mobile App
  • 24/7 support
  • Fast Transaction
  • User-Friendly
  • Privacy


  • Exact/Private info about headquarters
  • Fees might be higher compared to others


Changelly was established in 2015. It’s been around for almost six years now. Its number of users has now grown to two million. When it comes to cryptocurrency, there is a lot of information online. But for beginners or newbies in this trade, trusting a company that hasn’t been around or heard for a few years is quite tricky, sometimes even scary. Being around five years or so, Changelly has become a trusted brand/company for long term traders, and even for newbies.

Mobile App

Nowadays, everyone is on-the-go. Sending emails, video calls, bank transactions, and even shopping is more conveniently done with just a few taps on our phones. Changelly has also adapted to the fast-paced lives of its users as it also has a mobile app. You can download their mobile app on both Google Play and App store.

24/7 support

As a beginner, for sure, there are a lot of questions you’d like to be answered. Before reaching out to Changelly, their FAQ page has already answered quite a handful of questions, which will be beneficial for beginners and longtime users as well. After going through those questions on their FAQ page and you still have questions, you can chat with a representative of theirs. You can find the chat option on the lower right side of their website. For the mobile app, you can find the chat option on the profile page, support. Other than these help options, you can also find their social networking sites on the bottom left side of their website. You can reach them on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, LinkedIn, and more. Many other questions have also been addressed in their social networks. For other inquiries or concerns, you can send them an email at Having a lot of means to reach them makes any user a bit more at ease with the company.

Fast transactions

Similar to the design of their website and mobile app interface, the whole process is quick and easy. On their website, you will be greeted by the exchange, buy, and sell dialog box. You just input your numbers. Choose the pair that you would like to exchange. They’ll give you a list of rates; choose the best one for you. Do remember that there’s a 0.25% service fee. Then, you log in using your email or any of your existing social networking accounts. This login information is for you to save your transaction history. Send the amount you have input, and instantly receive the crypto in your wallet in just a couple of minutes. Changelly does all the work for you in finding the best rates. You just type the amount, choose what rate you like, send, and wait. The whole process is quick and easy.

User friendly

Just like the website, the interface is clean and easy to discover. The green, white, and gray color of their interface is quite cool for the eyes, so using it either on the phone or your computer won’t be too much of a problem. The design of the mobile app is no-nonsense. It has a bit of similarity with other social networking sites, which will be easy for new users. There’s even a ‘dark mode’ option if you prefer a dim one.


Similar to Google, there is two-factor authentication. Yes, you can either sign-up with your email or other social accounts, but this is only to store your cryptocurrency wallet. Your identity is safe, as many users would like to be kept private. The company itself is quite private, so rest assured, their users’ info is kept private as well.

Changelly’s 24/7 support is one of the well-lauded features of this website/mobile app. Easy transaction, nice and simple design/user interface, and privacy; these are what most traders look for.


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