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Cryptotag Review (Jan 2021)

Last Updated in Jan 2021

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If you’re serious about your crypto then you should be serious about backing up your seed phrase. This is why a product like CRYPTOTAG is essential.

The company behind the product areis a crypto security company based out ofin Amsterdam and CRYPTOTAG is their flagship product. Essentially it’s a cryptocurrency recovery seed phrase backup solution.The seed phrase is used to recover the private key of your wallet and so it’s important you back it up and keep it safe. Typically this is done by writing it down on a piece of paper or cardboard, but this makes your backup vulnerable to tearing, water and fire damage.

Keeping the backup safe is what CRYPTOTAG does best and this is why it’s a HOLDers best friend. It allows you to keep your crypto safely backed up as long as you need and as you’ll read below it’s very reliable.

It’s not just designed for crypto whales and is targeted to any cryptocurrency holder who has more crypto than they can afford to lose. Ultimately, having this device in conjunction with a hardware wallet is the best combination of security for your Bitcoin or other crypto.

It’s also very fun to use and you’ll see why if you keep on reading!

Now lets take a look at the product.


The product comes in a stylish black box and once opened you’ll find the following inside:


  • The CRYPTOTAG hammer
  • 2 titanium plates ( 24 words per plate)
  • 26 letter bits to hammer into the titanium plates (A-Z)
  • An anvil to place the plates when hammering
  • A bit holder to line up your letter bits to the squares on the plates
  • Ear plugs as the banging can get loud
  • Matches to burn your paper backup once finished

Design & Features

Everything you need to use the CRYPTOTAG is included in the starter kit box.  The design is sleek and beautiful and the product itself has even been patented. The quality is top notch and it’s clear no corners have been cut in the product design and development .

The product is made from titanium. This means it’s is hard, really hard!  The strength-to-density ratio, the highest of any metallic element explains why it’s used in implants and armor plating.

There’s two separate plates that can be clipped together with 24 words on each plate so you can backup two wallets. For example, you might have a Ledger and a Trezor hardware wallet. It’s also compatible with many other online and mobile wallets that adheres to the BIP39 mnemonic. Note: with BIP39 the first four letter combinations are unique and sufficient to recover the full words so you only need the first four letters of each word.

The hammer, anvil and bit holder make it really easy to engrave your words into the plates. The hammer is weighty and might even come in handy for some DIY after.

It’s hammer time

  1. Write down your backup phrase on paper or cardboard first. The first 4 letters of each word is all that’s required to recover your wallet
  2. Put the plate into the anvil facedown and line up the bit holder. 
  3. Choose your letter bit and place inside the Bit Holder. Note: Ensure that you stamp the letter the correct way around. There’s a CRYPTOTAG marking on the letter stamp that should always be facing you. 
  4. Hammer time! Hammer the bit  a few times to engrave the letter into the titanium plate. Depending on how handy you are with a hammer, this may take a few strikes. Once the backup phrase is complete you can optionally label the wallet on the front by turning the plate over and engraving an identifier. 
  5. Now you can burn the paper backup and let CRYPTOTAG take over from here.


So let’s see how strong this things is.


CRYPTOTAG is tested in temperatures up to 1665°C and 3029 °F. To put this into context think of a blacksmith’s fire.

Corrosion resistance 

You don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion so if you’re passing this down from one generation to the next the metal will remain invariable, even if you don’t


♪♪ You shoot me down but I won’t fall, I am titanium ♪♪

This product can literally stop a bullet. Not sure when that might come in handy, but nevertheless impressive. It’s been tested with Beretta and Glock 9MM. See the video here.


The product has been stress tested with pneumatic hammers, profile bending and metal roller. Rest assured if the building comes crashing down then the recovery phrase will survive.  See more on the testing facility here.


CRYPTOTAG is one of the best storage solutions on the market for your recovery seeds. The build quality is exceptional and the act of engraving each letter enforces the importance of backing up your wallet.

The product does exactly what it says on the tin. It protects the seed phrase better than anything else on the market. Cryptosteel and Billfodl are two competitors, but it’s worth paying a premium for CRYPTOTAG because it’s superior quality material and the fun of hammering your plate. 

Physically storing your CRYPTOTAG is obviously also important and if you’re going to spend the time hammering out your seed phrase into titanium plates then it’s advisable not to leave them lying around.

The bottom line: It costs more than competitors, but is way more resilient and a lot more fun to use. If you compare to the value of crypto you’re likely backing up then it’s worth the extra cost.

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