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Icynote Paper Cold Wallet Review 2022

ICYNOTE Paper Cold Wallet Review 2022

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Today we will be reviewing the Icynote Paper Cold wallet for secure storage of your crypto. To get up to speed on Crypto wallets you can check out our previous Crypto Wallet Guide Article or check out our 2021 Review of the best choices available on the market. When we wrote the review last year the Icynote was not available and it makes for an innovative bridge option between security and ease of use.

Cold storage options like the Cryptotag are seen as the gold standard for the safe and secure long term storage or your Cryptocurrency keys. The Icynote is an interesting new solution that is a great option for both long term cold storage or safe and secure gifting and receiving of crypto.

What is it?

The Icynote is a Swiss designed multifunctional cold wallet. It feels and looks just like a plastic bank note. Its made from high quality durable materials and will not disintegrate like a homemade paper wallet, its built with long term durability and heavy usage in mind. This cold wallet has the Private Seed phrase stored on the Wallet and it is secured behind a tamper proof Hologram. The public key is printed as a visible QR code on the wallet which allows for ease of checking its authenticity, the balance or for someone to scan when you want to receive a payment.

The Icynote acts like a true bearer asset which you can load up with crypto and physically give to someone else or keep in cold storage for long term secure storage of your crypto assets. The Icynote currently only supports Bitcoin but they will be creating similar wallets for assets like Ethereum and Litecoin in the future.

Security Features and Durability.

The Icynote has numerous security features built into the product to both secure your private keys and to prove they are authentic and have not been tampered with. 

Its made from 100% high density Polyethylene fibres which is ideal for long term durability & tear resistance. Its is also water resistant and can handle washing machine cycles.  It can handle temperature extremes up to 60 degrees Celcius down to -40 making it ideal for really cold storage!!

The unique Bitcoin private address is generated by a secure  Quantique photon counter machine to give the world leading random number generation.  The Private key is stored and secured behind a tamper evident Hologram and no details are stored with the manufacturer. The Seed key being physically offline and never touching the internet means that the keys are secure from hacking or other cyber attacks. There is a companion app available on the Apple store and Android Play store which you can use to check the authenticity and balance of your Icynote.

How it works

1. Setting up your Icynote

Once you receive your Icynote check all security details and the private key hologram has not been tampered with.

Download the Icynote Application from the Android or Apple Store and scan the Icynote QR code. The Application will notify you that this banknote is authentic.

You can then label the wallet and it can receive Bitcoin

Setting up your icynote

2. Loading Bitcoins in your Icynote cold wallet

When you buy or receive Bitcoins you can send them to your Icynote by just scanning the QR code which represents the receiving address.

Once you have sent the Bitcoins to the cold wallet, you can scan it and check the value on the App.

3. Spending your Bitcoin Icynote or transferring it to another cold wallet

You can exchange your Icynote for any goods or gift it to someone just like cash, by handing them the Icynote.

To transfer the Crypto to another wallet you can scratch-off the hologram and use the embedded private key to transfer your coins.

Pros and Cons


  • Great for gifting or paying securely and anonymously.
  • Does not need to be done on chain
  • Additional Privacy benefits.
  • Resistant to hacking and cyber attacks.
  • Ease of use


  • Not fire proof for longer term storage in all eventualities
  • Trusting the secure generation of Private keys
Spending your Bitcoin Icynote or transferring it to another cold wallet
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We think the Icynote is a great, secure and affordable option for both long term secure storage of your crypto assets while also being an easy way for new users to receive or give crypto. It is a great way to avoid the sometimes complicated and intimidating process of securely and safely generating your own wallet and manually storing your private keys.

It will be interesting to see what new products and assets the company will offer as they expand into the future.  For now you can get your own Icynote delivered to your door in days by ordering them here. ?

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